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Launching a thousand ships

Ellie Parker 16 March 2009

A fat man was shaking his head. The type of shake you do in disbelief at how good something is. Words won't do it justice, so you just hang your head and shake it side to side.

In front of him sat a malt milkshake, a plate of creamy scrambled eggs and a chunky tomato basil chipolata. He was apparently moved beyond words.

This fat man filled me with confidence as I sat down at my own seat. I wanted my own speechless moment. I quickly ordered the homemade coconut crumpets with orange blossom honey and French butter to hurry up the experience. I was impatient (and these crumpets had a great reputation).

A beautiful, smiling waitress arrived to take my coffee order. Nothing could have been too difficult for her. She had a reassuring air of immanent capability. A second waitress then arrived to tell me the specials. She was even more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than the first. No doubt about it, Red Door Corner Store has scraped the cream off the top of the Floor Staff & Hospitality Vat.

The crumpets and coffee then arrived in short succession. The crumpets were themselves dreamy but then the butter conspired with the honey to make molten pools of honey-butter that became cradled in the crumpet's nooks and crannies, at which point I remembered why food is loved. This is the stuff that dreams are made of, that books are written about. It is food that launches a thousand ships in the sea of gastronomy. We search for moments like these and when we find them, we silently shake our heads in humble appreciation and ultimate satisfaction. 

So, I had had my very own head-shaking moment, after which I was spent. I had planned to work my way through the menu, but had already peaked too early with the crumpets. Done like dinner, I was.

Consecutive visits to Red Door confirmed initial assessments. The coffee and service is unilaterally consistent and top-shelf. The menu is brilliant and the food is packed with colour, flavour and quality ingredients. Each dish manages to have the Red Door touch- there is nothing generic here. I also liked their gluten free options, their exquisite display of cookies and cakes and the café's décor, which is predominantly red-coloured cooking accoutrements, fixtures and fittings. Cute as a button.

Go and get crumpeted.  


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