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Eggs with Middle Eastern edge

Claire Wiltshire 1 December 2007

Attempt to get a seat at Ray in a popular timeslot and you may be squeezed into an impractical bench corner or asked to come back in 20 minutes. If the latter is the case, wander down to the nearby coin laundry just off bustling Sydney Road and kill some time reading street press, because this place is worth the wait.

I'll be honest-I am a Ray regular. As a (mostly) vegetarian, I look for options that are a step above the plain old Eggs Florentine to excite my breakfast palette. Very much the meeting place for trendy locals, Ray satisfies with a hefty chalkboard full of interesting and imaginative treats for me and my meat eating buddies. Dishes are usually under $10 and it's a cash only affair.

The menu is infused with a Middle Eastern flavour. The baked sausage dish is an eggy delight, tweaked with spices. The French toast is an amazing sweet and sour treat-three cinnamony chunks of toast drenched in syrup and topped with a labna paste and toasted pistachios.

My personal favourite is undoubtedly the vegetarian eggs on a bed of baby spinach, rich red pepper pesto, fetta and sourdough. Topped with dukkha, it's in a breakfast egg league of its own, and satisfyingly filling. And just to add to the fusion, there's a smoked salmon toast with wasabi mayo and red pepper, perfect for a light meat alternative.

The chefs at Ray are consistently on the mark. Eggs come as you order them, and the coffee is amongst the best in the Northern suburbs. Ray also has a selection of teas and does a great pot of soy chai latte, providing a side of honey, but sadly nowhere to place the strainer aside from your saucer.

Solo breakfasters are welcome to huddle around the communal table at the front of the café. There are also a few Brunswick-style box seats out the front for smokers and those with a doggy companion, but be prepared to remind staff you are around if they seem to have forgotten you out front.

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