Bringing sexy back to an old, tired classic

Fran Fogarty and Ellie Parker 8 February 2009


So the BLT is sometimes a bit boring. Greasy bacon, limp lettuce and a soggy tomato (just kidding, old fashioned BLT's are glorious when done right, but what I'm trying to say is sometimes the BLT is a bit heavy for what you're in the mood for). Not the Franjanaise Sammy. It's flavoursome, light and a little bit posh.

Take some trendy artisan sourdough, a few slices of prosciutto (see I told you it is a bit posh), avo's, tomatoes and Franjanaise. Voila. Heaven.

The prosciutto needs to be grilled or barbequed and then served on top of toasted sourdough (drizzled with a bit of quality oil if you're that way inclined), sliced tomatoes and avocados.

Then comes the piece de resistance - Franjanaise. Home made mayo, Fran style.

Cheats can mix a bit of lemon juice and mustard with shop bought mayo. Purists, listen close.

Blend together mustard, lemon juice and three or four free range egg yolks (it's impossible to make it with non-free range eggs, I promise) and salt and pepper. Then slowly drizzle in some light oil (I use canola) until the emulsion is thick and creamy. Taste to be sure it is Franjalicious and you're done.

p> To finish, drizzle your Franjanaise over the Sammy and enjoy.        



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