Warmth, romance and seclusion provide a perfect backdrop for fine breakfast beginnings

Gritty urbanity, thumping tunes and breakfast brioche burgers

Stop and smell the Latte

Beautiful, simple crepes

CBD eating house with a difference

Flinders Station's excellent cup of joe

Buffed up buffet on Collins St

Grossi Florentino does breakfast!

Prêt-à-Porter breakfast

The city's little tart

Good food for good people

Go there to be seduced

Hold onto your hats people - this one's a beauty

A classy little lady

Belly full of beans

Holding court in the shadows of the legal district

Enjoy a rustic plate of eggs and crusty toast with a great coffee as you browse a book at Journal.

Putting your money where your mouth is

Gloriously French

A little ray of sunshine

Best. Balls. Ever.

Start the day with a bottle

Where there's a laneway, there's a cafe

The State Library's little pot warmer

A little escape

When coffee is breakfast

A genteel way to conduct your morning business

Preserving not just the self

A CBD godsend of flavour, colour and groove

The latest from the Christopoulos empire

Meet Mr Mince

Breakfast burgers and breakfast beers beat the Monday morning blues

Brunch in a bar....with a touch of grace

Little Lonsdale's working class eatery

Laneway treasure offers simple pleasure