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Birdman - The New Black

Ellie Parker 2 May 2008

Homemade crumpets with leatherwoodhoney-instantly appealing and refreshinglydifferent, this dish sums up Birdman Eating.

In the early days of Birdman, wordspread like wildfire about their baked eggs. Served in individual cast ironpans on a piece of parchment sheet music, they became an instant success.

Baked eggs have been around for awhile, but there is something about Birdman's that attracts a crowd. Perhaps itis the unusual combination of ever-changing and gutsy ingredients such asspiced tomato, broccoli and kaiserfleisch. Whatever the case, customersinvariably get over-excited on the firstmouthful and burn themselves on the cast-ironhandle. It is mildly amusing to watch, once you have seen it a couple of times.

If you aren't keen on a burn markon a Sunday morning, try the delicious banana bread with homemade cinnamonlabna. The banana bread is perfectly moist and the cinnamon labna makes youwant to forgo plain old butter for the rest of your life. If you areparticularly enthusiastic like myself, order the banana bread along with thecrumpets and smear the lot with labna. Heaven.

The quinoa porridge, flavouredwith palm sugar, banana and coconut is an inspired variation on Uncle Toby's oats. Much like Birdman's eggs, this porridgehas a massive following, this time with the GI-consciouscrowd. Sweet and creamy, the quinoa grains are reminiscent of pale caviar anddo a nice little popping thing in your mouth. Beaded bubbles winking at thebrim as Keats would say.

The cheese kransky looks a bitrude, but don't they all really? It oozes cheesygoo, which delights many who are in recoverymode from the night before. From experience, dipping your kransky into a runnyyolk is probably one of the more constructive activities to do when hung over.

There are CocoPops on the menu, which is always nice for tiny tots or adults whoshould know better.

The Genovese coffee is okay, though below par for Fitzroy. The staff are delightful. There areumbrellas, tables and chairs outside to accommodate dogs, smokers and peoplewho want sunshine.

All in all, Birdman has many people eating andjustifiably so.

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