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A Melbourne laneway secret

Francesca Fogarty  20 December 2008

Centre Place, the continuation of Degraves St, really is the epitome of Melbourne's inner city laneway culture. Full of graffiti, diverse food, and great coffee, Centre Place brings tourists, wedding photographers and city dwellers out of the light and into the grunge. One place in particular, AIX Café Creperie Salon presses all the right buttons.

AIX is tucked away in the top right corner of Centre Place and feels like a New Orleans hole in the wall. It's small, as are all the eateries in Centre Place and it specialises in a couple of things, baguettes, and you got it, crepes.

AIX is one of Melbourne's favourite destinations for crepes - the woman next to me told me she comes here every time she visits the CBD, just for the mixed berry crepe. With only a few tables - most of which only seat two, it's certainly not a place to bring the whole clan.

The red walls are covered in articles, photos and posters, and the shelving that lines the eatery holds all the goodies that go into the food. The counter doubles as the kitchen, so it's all very intimate and relaxed.

1960's music plays and the staff calmly prepare the hundreds of baguettes which will be snapped up during the day. A quiet clientele reads the paper, drinking coffee and treating themselves to breakfast before the day really begins.

The crepes are served piping hot, filled with interesting goodies like mixed berries with rosewater yoghurt, field mushrooms with spinach (nice and juicy) or egg, Swiss cheese and parsley.

There's also a vegemite and Swiss cheese - the crepe version of a mousetrap, and a banana ricotta and honey crepe. Savory or sweet - the menu covers off most bases. Old faithful lemon and sugar goes down a treat and if you feel a little hungry, grab the BLT.

Traditionally made, the crepes leave you satisfied, sated and ready to face the day.

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