About Breakfast Out

Breakfast Out is a new web magazine that features insightful, lively reviews of the best places to eat breakfast in Melbourne.

That's right—only the best places. We realise that time is precious, and that breakfast lovers don't want to spend their days reading reviews of no-good eateries. All cafes featured on Breakfast Out have been carefully checked out by our team to ensure that the food, service and ambience all live up to our exacting standards.

But wait, there’s more! Breakfast Out also delivers exciting articles about all things breakfast. We don’t just want to feed your belly, we want to feed your brain.

So when you are next looking for a place to eat breakfast out, check out www.breakfastout.com.au

Reviewer Profiles

Albert Comper

Albert is an eye candy junkie with a penchant for the graphically improbable. He takes nothing with a grain of salt, and even less with sugar. His idea uptake is matched only by his idea output: nothing will slow him down. While he tells it like it is, his work drives his audiences to reach for new worlds and is the brains and the brawn behind this very website. He is a perpetual motion machine who's publications, photographs and schemes will change the world. Yet somehow amidst his passionate professional fervor he entertains no respite from his toils at the coal face of the happiness of Laura and their two weird dogs Degi Ka and Critter.

Claire Wiltshire

Claire began her writing life in the most purely creative way imaginable, contributing short stories and poetry to various publications during her high school years as a way to avoid the dreaded maths homework. She has since become a feature writer for magazines as diverse as Yen, Good Reading, Is Not, Poster, MiniInternational, Inpress and Links Life.

As far as breakfasts go, she likes them late, local and coffee-heavy. After many a tasty plate of eggs Florentine, she’s now on the look out for more adventurous breakkie dishes, and drags her friends along to rate the sausages and bacon.

Clare Marshall

Clare is a Melbourne-based writer and editor originally from Wellington, New Zealand. She has written for Frankie magazine, The Coffee Guide and The New Zealand Edge, and is currently editing a book by one of Melbourne's leading street art collectives.

When breakfasting out, Clare likes strong lattes, seasonal food, friendly service and the weekend papers. She dislikes rubbery eggs, embarrassingly large portion sizes and people who steal the glossy supplements.

Ellie Parker

Ellie is a freelance food and lifestyle writer and is the editor of Breakfast Out. 

Ellie is very committed to breakfast. In a selfless attempt to discover Melbourne’s greatest breakfast hangover cures, Ellie will often get herself drunk on a weeknight. She is tireless in her search for the best Eggs Benedict in town and is fearless when it comes to black pudding at 8am. Ellie has even been known to devour porridge, followed by huevos rancheros, followed by maple syrup hotcakes – all in one sitting. Gluttony is her friend.

Ellie has written a short story entitled "Ellie's Jellies", which was published by Penguin Books in 2009. She has contributed to The Age's Epicure section and to Poster Magazine. She also reviews for The Age Cheap Eats Guide, The Age Good Cafe Guide and The Sydney Morning Herald Good Cafe Guide. 

Erica Keppel

Forever famished and appropriately curious, Erica Keppel is Breakfast Out's coffee loving, book reading, bike riding, art stalking, people watching, chef wielding food writer who loves nothing more that devouring a well crafted almond croissant, washed down with an espresso, whilst leafing through the latest edition of Kinfolk* magazine. Erica's day job, as Communications Project Manager, provides the perfect platform for caffeine-inspired enthusiasm and when she's not popping over the ditch to visit her homelands and celebrate a plague of loved ones' nuptials, she's happiest pilfering through Melbourne's vintage furniture stores and art galleries, or catching some sun with her lover astride her elegant two wheeled horse, Lucia. 

Francesca Fogarty

Francesca is a full time foodie who manages to juggle eating, cooking, thinking, talking and writing about food with her work as a lawyer. An obsession with good coffee, perfectly poached eggs, people watching and the glossy parts of the newspaper send Francesca all over town in search for the perfect lazy weekend morning (or afternoon depending on the night before). Francesca also has a passion for all things free range and "made from scratch" and hates a disappointing meal because she considers every eating opportunity an opportunity for greatness.

Gretchen Wilkins

Gretchen Wilkins is a lecturer in Architecture at RMIT University.  She recently relocated to Melbourne from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Helen Alexander

When she isn't eating, drinking and travelling, freelance writer Helen Alexander is writing about eating, drinking and travelling. After eight years in her beloved home city of London, working for Food and Travel magazine and a host of creative agencies, she packed her bags and moved to Melbourne in 2010. Three years later and she is still working her way through the city's innovative and constantly evolving dining scene. She likes eggs benedict with lashing of hollandaise and very Dirty Martinis. But not necessarily in that order. 

Jan van Schaik

Jan van Schaik is a breakfast tragic hangover expert who will try anything twice, except recidivism, and is only ever distracted from the noble pursuit of hedonism by professional tendencies towards art, design and architecture. He was born in 1972 to two loving parents who should have known better,  is predisposed to bananas, and anything else that comes to mind. He sucks oxygen out of the air with gusto and to this day pursues his life-long ambition to die young.

Jane de Graaf

Jane is a freelance writer committed to reminding us how much better life is when you can eat it. Her work has been published bythe Herald Sun-ExtraFood, www.ieatidrinkiwork.com , and she is a contributing reviewer for the 2009 Cheap Eats guide to Melbourne.

Based in Melbourne, Jane will happily hop cities when threatened with the chance to taste and try new things, cheerfully lead by her tastebuds and her heart. With a background in Media Communications and radio, Jane finally acknowledged that food takes up 99% of her waking brainpower, so she might as well go with it. (Don't ask what the other 1% of her brain is used for, you'll only be disappointed when she says'great literary works of art'.)

She is on the hunt for the perfect, cheesy breakfast omelette.

...and she wants you to know that there is nothing lovelier than the morning sun shining on a tray of freshly baked gingerbread.

You can read more of Jane's work on her blog ‘Play with your food'- www.iateitall.blogspot.com

Natalie Book

Natalie Book is a freelance arts, film and music writer who eats breakfast out at least twice a week. She is also the assistant editor of Metro and Screen Education magazines. In addition to this, she likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Nicola Shafer

Nicola is a writer and a book editor. Her book reviews and arts and music journalism have been published in The Big Issue, Sydney’s Drum Media, Melbourne’s Beat, and RealTime, and in a range of other strange places.

When she’s not at her day job, editing wonderful new works by other people, she’s feverishly thinking of ways to create her own work of genius. Much of this frantic thinking occurs in beautiful, atmospheric Melbourne cafes. The scenario usually ends with a delicious latte. And an empty head.

Rowena Robertson

Rowena wears both the writer and editor caps, and chooses which one to emphasise depending on whom she's talking to. She has edited design/art/fashion magazine Poster since early 2006, and has written for publications including Empty, SummerWinter, Metro, Screen Education, Yen, Is Not and Metro.Pop (US).

As far as breakfast goes, she tends to go for the sweet, girly dishes, but is also very partial to a good old British-style fry up. And she will, of course, try anything in the name of research.